Android Interview Questions for Fresher and Experienced In 2021

Android has the largest installed user base of any mobile platform in the world. As a result, developers who have mastered the OS are in great demand. This can be a challenge as Android has been updated several times since the first version was released and because of device fragmentation as each manufacturer tweaks the software. Of course, when it comes to getting a job, you have to demonstrate your expertise, your passion for technology and pass a technical interview to win a top-paying job.

Basic Screening Questions to be Asked

What is Android? 

Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart televisions.  

What is Android Architecture?

Android Architecture is made up of 4 key components:

  • Linux Kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Framework
  • Android Applications

How many apps have you published in the google play store

Candidates should be able to tell how many apps are published in the google play store. A junior-level candidate should have published at least 1-2 apps on the google play store. Mid-level android developers should have published 2-5 apps, a Senior level candidate should have published 5+ apps.

Have you worked on third party APIs?

The candidate should tell you if they have worked on integrating third party APIs in the app like Facebook API, Instagram API, Paypal API.

How many years have you worked in android development?

Candidates should be able to tell the number of years spent on android development. If a candidate’s experience is 1-2 years, the candidate is at junior level. 2-5 years experience is mid-level, 5+ years experience in Senior level.

What experience do you have in integrating APIs with the app?

The candidate should be able to tell the recruiters about the exp in integrating APIs with the app. 

What database have you used in building an Android app?

CoreData is used to save data locally in the app. The backend database could be MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, AWS-DynamoDB.

Advanced Technical Questions to be Asked

What is AAPT?

AAPT is short for Android Asset Packaging Tool. This tool provides developers with the ability to deal with zip-compatible archives, which includes creating, extracting, and viewing its contents. 

What items are important in every Android project?

These are the essential items that are present each time an Android project is created:

  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • build.xml
  • bin/
  • src/
  • res/
  • assets/

What is the importance of XML-based layouts?

The use of XML-based layouts provides a consistent and somewhat standard means of setting GUI definition format. In common practice, layout details are placed in XML files while other items are placed in source files.

What are containers?

Containers, as the name itself implies, hold objects and widgets together, depending on which specific items are needed and in what arrangement is wanted. Containers may hold labels, fields, buttons, or even child containers, as examples. 

What is the importance of Android in the mobile market?

Developers can write and register apps that will specifically run under the Android environment. This means that every mobile device that is Android enabled will be able to support and run these apps. With the growing popularity of Android mobile devices, developers can take advantage of this trend by creating and uploading their apps on the Android Market for distribution to anyone who wants to download it.

What is adb?

Adb is short for Android Debug Bridge. It allows developers the power to execute remote shell commands. Its basic function is to allow and control communication towards and from the emulator port.


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