Scan 100s of Resumes in Few Minutes

Recruiters spend hours going through the resumes to determine the best ones, Ducknowl automate this resume screening process for you. You can add the job description and all the resumes and our system will process them in minutes and would show you best matching results in the dashboard. It a real time dynamic matching engine, which can be change the ranking as you change the keywords. Its self learning algorithm helps you to pick right keywords based upon the job.

How to Answer Top Video Interview Questions 2021 [Updated]

It is common to feel pressured when it's about cracking a video interview to get that ideal job. But it's not that difficult if you know how and where to

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How to conduct an excellent Remote Video Interview

Remote video interview is good for both companies and candidates. Companies save their time and resources, unlike physical interviews. However, one of the  biggest challenges for recruiters is to make

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Ramp up your Hiring with Video Interviewing

Lately, video interviews have been on the rise thanks to their easy to use interface and other technological advancements. Day by day, they are getting upgraded for hiring potential candidates

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