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How resume screening is changing the game for recruiters

High expectations. Increasing quarterly recruiting and onboarding goals. Recruiters encounter challenges on a daily, around every corner.  Sometimes, their management doesn’t always enable them with the tools they need to meet these higher expectations. Professionals can’t just settle for average HR tips. They need cutting-edge of technology to facilitate and ease the pains of their recruitment process. Today, that cutting edge is in resume screening technology.

1. Finding the Right Candidates through resume screening

Resume screening software cuts most of the bulk of time-consuming work out of the equation. It’s easier than ever for applicants to respond to every job listing with a few clicks, leaving recruiters with the daunting task of sorting through hundreds of resumes of varying relevance. Resume screening software puts an initial filter on that huge applicant group, enabling recruiters to focus on the best-qualified applicants. They need new tools to meet heightened goals.

2. The Ducknowl Difference

Choosing Ducknowl means recruiters have a clear view of their best-qualified applicants from one platform. Using our customizable resume criteria and keyword weighting,  recruiters create a focused pool of highly-qualified candidates to whom they can give individual attention. Across the board, recruitment is often a race against time. For our users, it’s a simple, focused search for the best talent. Paired with Video Interview Screening and Skill Assessments, recruitment boils down to prioritizing your time all on one dashboard.

3. Your Time is Valuable

Unfortunately, many people in search of simple human resources tips find programs that might be useful in theory but are impractical in the fast-paced environment of a modern recruiter’s office. That is why it was so important to us that we build the Ducknowl platform that is as reliable as it is navigable. After all, if you are looking for ways to save time, spending hours learning new software starts to feel counterproductive. We value your time as much as you do, which is why our platform is so intuitive and user-friendly.

Given how recruiters’ quotas rise every quarter, every HR department interested in empowering their employees is on the hunt for the next powerful tool to make their team more efficient. Today, that tool is Ducknowl. We believe that the best resumes should get individual attention from recruiters. If you do too, find out firsthand just what we can do for you. To schedule, a brief demo click here.

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