Integrate Ducknowl with Greenhouse

How to Integrate Ducknowl with Greenhouse

Follow the steps to Integrate Ducknowl with Greenhouse:-

Step 1:  You need the developer’s permission so you can manage all kinds of organizations’ API Credentials.

Step 2: Get the developer’s permission: 

Contact a Greenhouse recruiting user in your organization with the Site Admin level permissions with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user’s advanced permissions to apply the API credential management permission to your account. 

Site Admin level permissions⇒ edit your user account’s permissions by navigating to the Configure icon > Users > Your Name

For Site Admin level permissions navigate to the User Permissions panel on your user configuration page and expand the Developer Permissions in the dropdown menu(bottom). 

Select the Can Manage ALL Organization’s API Credentials, so a check is in the checkbox. Click Save.

ducknowl all api


Creating a Harvest API Key to Integrate Ducknowl with Greenhouse::

Click on the Configure Icon, and navigate to the Dev Center on the left side panel. From the Dev Center page, click the API Credential Management.

ducknowl harvest API


Once on the API Credential Management page, click Create New API Key to generate the key for Ducknowl.



You’ll now see a Dialog Box

Select the following in the Dialog Box:

1. API Type: Harvest

2. Partner: Ducknowl

3. Description: Ducknowl Harvest API Key

Next, click on Manage Permissions to generate the Harvest API Key.

Integrate Ducknowl with Greenhouse

Store the API Key in a secure location. Now click I have stored the API Key once you have copied and saved the key.



Enabling Ducknowl Integration

1. log in to your Ducknowl Admin Account.

2. In the Administrator view, click on My Account

3. Under the ATS name, select Greenhouse from the dropdown. 

4. Paste the API key copied from Greenhouse, into the ATS key.

Then click on Validate ATS. A pop-up will appear once the ATS key is successfully validated. Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Integrate Ducknowl with Greenhouse


How to Pull Resumes Directly from Greenhouse 

Using the same Ducknowl profile logged in under when integrating Greenhouse Recruiting with Ducknowl, access the recruiter view.

After the click on Recruiter View, you will get the list of jobs that you have created. If you want to pull resumes that are not on the list, then create the job by clicking add job and following the steps. Once a job is created, click on it.


If you want to connect this job with a particular job posting on Greenhouse and also want to pull resumes to this job, click on the edit option displayed with a pencil icon near the main job title.


You can see this clearly in the below image (Red mark). The ATS link will be found on your Greenhouse account. Click on All Jobs in your Greenhouse recruiting dashboard and select the specific job in the Greenhouse Recruiting Panel that you want to pull resumes for. Once you have chosen the particular job posting, copy the URL link from the address bar(Greenhouse panel). You can paste this link in the ATS Link field described in the previous step.


Click Saves Changes. After this  Ducknowl will start to pull all resumes from the Greenhouse Recruiting Dashboard for the job posting you have linked.





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