ramp up your hiring with video interviewing

Ramp up your Hiring with Video Interviewing

Lately, video interviews have been on the rise thanks to their easy-to-use interface and other technological advancements. Day by day, they are getting upgraded for hiring potential candidates thus helping to ramp up the hiring process. However, most recruiters feel skeptical about using it as one of the mainstreams of candidate selection.

This blog will understand how to make the best use of video interviews to ace the candidate interview process like a pro. But before we dive deeper, let’s start with some basic knowledge.

How is video interviewing beneficial to ramp up the hiring process?

With the growing cut-throat competition to find the best manpower for a job, it has become one of the most tedious and impossible tasks to shortlist potential candidates for the final round, that too within a limited time. The recruiter team has to go through hundreds of applications every day just to find that one perfect candidate for the job.

With the advent of advanced video interviewing processes, there has been tremendous growth in the overall hiring process.

It helps as follows:

    1. Faster and more efficient screening of resumes
    2. Better chances of gaining insight into the true capabilities and pain points of the individual
    3. Reduced financial constraints on the company
    4. Zero geographic constraints
    5. Allows more transparency for both the employers and candidates when checking their performance
    6. Ensures better time management for the employers

However, knowing about the benefits would not help you make the best use of this technology. You must also know how a video interviewing process works to understand your responsibilities around feeding it with the right information.

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How does a video interview process work?

Although the number of additional features to make a video interview smooth may vary from one application to another, the basic process stays the same. Employers can either interview their candidates through a one way video interview software or go with a live video meeting process. Several companies also follow both processes to get a much more detailed look at their candidate’s profiles.

So, how do these two methods work?

1. One-way interviewing session

As the name suggests, only the candidates are required to answer questions arranged by the employers in this procedure. Typically the first step to the whole ordeal, the arrangement can be both textual or video-based, where the clip will start running automatically at time intervals, allowing candidates to answer them in the meantime.

Unlike traditional hiring processes, it minimizes biased behavior and ensures that employers can better understand their potential future employees. Nowadays, many major companies follow this process to streamline the hiring process while also making sure that their HR team ends up with more time to focus on other essential tasks.

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2. Live interviewing

Finally, a live interview session is held where both the employer and candidate engage in a series of questionnaires. While business owners or the HR team can hold discussions regarding the true interests of the individual, candidates can also have their doubts cleared. This type of arrangement, often done using a webcam, reduces the unnecessary expense related to traveling or hosting interview walk-ins.

Moreover, some companies also record these interview sessions for review later or just as a precautionary measure. While majorly businesses run this interview as a final step in their hiring process, some might also ask for a last in-person interview just to be extra sure of their choice.

Where to find the perfect software for video interviewing?

Among the many reliable applications have been able to climb the ladders of success pretty quickly, all thanks to its advanced video interviewing tools. Equipped with highly intelligent features, the tool is capable of enabling video interviews of high quality with an auto-record function for easy maneuverability. But that’s not all!

Authorized individuals can easily share and access these pre-recorded video interviews at any time from anywhere, making the hiring process even more efficient.