Screen candidates faster and smarter, here is how we can help.

Resume Screening


Ducknowl instantly sorts all resumes and presents you with a ranked list of candidates in seconds.

Video Screening

Measure soft skills with prerecorded video interviews and share results with your team easily.

Skill Assessment

Choose from Ducknowl’s test bank or provide your own custom test to asses and validate candidates.

Audio Screening

Tired of phone interviews? Use audio interviewing to screen and select the candidates for your job.

Video Texting

Send video text messages to all the applicants to tell them more about the job and engage them.


Ducknowl adheres to EEO, SOC2, ADA and Data Privacy Compliance for security and privacy.

Why should you use Ducknowl

Ducknowl is "no-brainer" for Recruiters. Its a comprehensive screening software.

Niki Grant

Staffing Specialist

Best Screening Tools to quickly identify the top applicants for your job. I love the resume ranking.

Cherian Thomas

CEO and Founder

Best screening platform for staffing agencies, I increased my success rate by 80%.

David Wilson

See how Ducknowl makes your work super simple