skill assessment
skill assessment

Types of Skill Assessments

Software Engineering

skill assessment

 These tests cover skills to test software development lifecycles like  IT Business Analyst, IT Project Manager, Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Backend Engineer, UIUX design, and product development.

General Aptitude

skill assessment

Assess candidate skills in mathematics, communications, logistical and analytical thinking.

Computer Literacy

skill assessment

Test candidates in their understanding of Microsoft Office software.

Business Intelligence

skill assessment

Gauge your candidates with Microsoft Business Intelligence, data analysis, and Power BI.


skill assessment

Tests like project management and people management will assist you in finding candidates with great leadership skills.

Sales and Marketing

skill assessment

Find out where your candidates measure in marketing, SEO, and sales/digital marketing.

Custom Assessment

technical assessment

While you have access to a plethora of tests, you’ve also got the option to collaborate with our team and create custom tests that specifically suit your organization.

Benefits of Skill Assessment

skill assessment

All-In-One Custom Experience

Get rid of the secondary testing sites! Neither you nor your prospective candidates need to create yet another account on yet another website. Which makes sharing candidate results easy, too!

skill assessment

Detailed Score Breakdowns

Ducknowl isn’t just for recruiting, screeing and testing on one platform, though. Through our “Level Indicators” tests, you can get a complete view of how your candidate measures on entry, mid and senior levels.So if you find a candidate isn’t quite experienced for, say, Senior Network Engineer, a level indicator test would show that candidate would be a great fit for a less experienced role at company!

skill assessment


With automated proctoring, rest assured that candidate accountability is maintained. Our system automatically detects any movement outside of the test, which means no Googling the answers! Candidates receive a warning, and recruiters see that flat when viewing the test results.

skill assessment

Time Saving

Not only do you avoid proctoring tests yourself, but candidates can also take Ducknowl skill assessments in ths quite comfort of their homes, On their own watch within the platform’s customizable expiration dates.

skill assessment

Fight Conscious and Unconscious Bias

While fighting biases is an ongoing effort, Ducknowl allows you to make the most data-driven decisions to hire the most qualified candidate. Utilize testing data results across each candidate

skill assessment

User Friendly

Candidates can simply follow the Ducknowl Green buttons to navigate from beginning to end, and you can quickly view their test results and data with a simple click, too!

skill assessment

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Ducknowl Differentiator

  • Automated proctoring
  • Level indicators & score breakdowns
  • Library of 200+ tests
  • Pay only when candidate replies
  • Collaborate with clients to create custom tests
skill assessment

Hear What People Say About Us!

The video screening feature really helped us a lot to assess the candidates, especially their communication and demeanor when answering our prepared questions.

Regielyn Fajurano
Rated 5/5 on Capterra

I love the video and skill test features. Their anti-cheating software is brilliant! This helps make a better technical selection of candidates. Also, the video feature is loved by hiring managers. Definitely, a game changer!

Cindy B
Rated 5/5 on Capterra

Overall, this has been a positive experience. The team responds quickly, values feedback, offers suggestions, and they have a great product. I'm very pleased with Ducknowl.

Chelsey Mueller
Rated 5/5 on Capterra

We have worked closely with Ducknowl and they have been very responsive to our requests. The enhancements they have added makes it very productive and works well with our Greenhouse ATS. We have found it is very helpful in accelerating our search process. We can quickly narrow our list of candidates and simplify the process of getting our top candidates to the hiring managers.

Michael Burton
Rated 4.9/5 on Capterra

Frequently Asked Questions

Once recruiter has done the resume sorting and one-way video interview using Ducknowl to shorlist final candidates, recruiters can perform the skill test. Recruiters will select the specific test from the Dashboard and send the test invitation to all the shortlisted candidates. Candidates will receive an invitation in the email to click and complete the test. Once the test is comleted, recruiters can see the test results.

"Skill assessment works best when the questions being asked are crafted explicitly to the role and needs of the team hiring the new candidate. In designing a skills test, combine different queries to view how a candidate will perform in different scenarios. There are various ways to set up a skills test – and we’ll get into the mechanics of how to run the assessment in the next section. But, designing a thoughtful aptitude test takes some initial foresight on behalf of the recruiter and team"

Technical assessment means a systematic evaluation of technical skills of the candidate with the help of an online test. These technical skills include management skills, software programming skills, IT skills, sales skills, marketing skills, office skills, communication skills and other functional skills.

Non-technical skills are skills that can help individuals to execute non-technical tasks and procedures with the utmost ease. There are three types of non-technical skills: social, cognitive, and personal skills.

Auto proctoring is an online proctoring technique that catches candidates violating the rules while attending an online exam. Our software is wholly data driven, checking whether candidates leave the tab to cheat, have someone next to them, or are visibly checking their phone. Best of all, candidates are aware of proctoring when they begin the hiring process.