Save Time with Online Skill Tests

Send your skill assessment request directly to your candidate’s email to allow them to take the test whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them! All skill assessment requests have customizable expiration dates and time limits


Fight Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Hire the most qualified candidate based on concrete evidence. Skill assessments provide quantitative data to make interview and hiring decisions more legally defensible.


Avoid Proxy Interview Situations

Ducknowl’s AI proctoring ensures that the candidate you hire is the one taking the assessment. To ensure that the actual candidate is the person taking the test, we employ proxy prevention technology that captures random photos and tracks screen behavior of the candidate. 


Easy to Use

The recruiter or hiring manager assigns a test to assess the candidate’s technical skills. All tests have time limits. Candidates will receive an email with a link to the requested test. The recruiter or hiring manager views the test results and pictures and screen behavior of the candidate, they can also share results with members of the hiring team or other staff via email.


Create Custom Assessments

Choose from Ducknowl’s test bank or provide your own custom assessment to test candidates for your company’s specific needs.

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Share Responses

Recruiters and hiring managers can easily share candidate’s responses with members of their hiring team or other staff via email. Unlike an in-person interview, everyone involved in the hiring process can view the candidate’s video responses.

Ducknowl's Skill Assessment Tool: Key Features

  • Screen candidates based upon skills.
  • Create your own custom test or select from available technical tests.
  • Our proxy prevention tool will ensure that the candidate is the one taking the assessment to avoid bait-and-switch scenarios. 
  • Candidates can take the test whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.
  • Provides quantitative data to make interview and hiring decisions more legally defensible.


Once recruiter has done the resume sorting and one-way video interview using Ducknowl to shorlist final candidates, recruiters can perform the skill test. Recruiters will select the specific test from the Dashboard and send the test invitation to all the shortlisted candidates. Candidates will receive an invitation in the email to click and complete the test. Once the test is comleted, recruiters can see the test results.

“Skill assessment works best when the questions being asked are crafted explicitly to the role and needs of the team hiring the new candidate. In designing a skills test, combine different queries to view how a candidate will perform in different scenarios.
There are various ways to set up a skills test – and we’ll get into the mechanics of how to run the assessment in the next section. But, designing a thoughtful aptitude test takes some initial foresight on behalf of the recruiter and team”

Technical assessment means a systematic evaluation of technical skills of the candidate with the help of an online test. These technical skills include management skills, software programming skills, IT skills, sales skills, marketing skills, office skills, communication skills and other functional skills.

Non-technical skills are skills that can help individuals to execute non-technical tasks and procedures with the utmost ease. There are three types of non-technical skills: social, cognitive, and personal skills.