Save Time

Speed up the hiring process with Ducknowl’s audio screening feature! Eliminate back and forth emailing to schedule a phone interview. Avoid scheduling conflicts, screen more candidates in less time, and increase the overall quality of the candidate pool.

Fight Conscious and Unconscious Bias:

Audio interview questions can be customized for a specific job or position, and every candidate receives the same questions for consistency. Base hiring decisions off of the candidate’s answers and eliminate any biases.

Create a Positive Experience:

Turn your hiring process into an enjoyable experience that recruiters, hiring managers and candidates will all appreciate. 

Easy to Use

The recruiter or hiring manager assigns questions for the candidates to address and a time limit for them to respond. Candidates receive an email with the interview questions and are requested to submit responses to each. Candidates have the option to retake the answer before the final submission. 

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Audio responses give candidates a chance to tell their story and speak beyond their resume. Ducknowl’s convenient platform allows candidates to record audio responses anywhere and anytime! 

Share Responses

Recruiters and hiring managers can easily share candidate’s responses with members of their hiring team or other staff via email. Unlike a phone or in-person interview, everyone involved in the hiring process can review the candidate’s audio responses.

Key Features

  • Create custom questions and receive audio responses from candidates.
  • Prevents scheduling conflicts and saves the recruiter’s time.
  • Candidates can record audio interview responses anytime and anywhere by clicking the simple link in their email.
  • Eliminates bias by allowing hiring managers to base their decisions solely on the responses of the candidate.
  • All audio interview responses are sharable with hiring managers and other interested parties.