What is Audio Screening?

Sometimes we find that the best candidates won’t have the best-written resumes, and vice-versa – exceptional resumes don’t always mean exceptional (or even genuine) candidates stand behind them. Using Ducknowl’s Audio Screening gives candidates a fair chance to express themselves and elaborate on their resumes. Avoid the inconveniences and stresses of messy scheduling and rescheduling and go beyond the resume to screen for the brightest shining candidates!

Benefits of Audio Screening

Time Saving

Speed up the hiring process with Ducknowl’s audio screening feature! Eliminate back and forth emailing to schedule a phone interview. Avoid scheduling conflicts, screen more candidates in less time, and increase the overall quality of the candidate pool.

Fight Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Audio interview questions can be customised for a specific job or position, and every candidate receives the same questions for consistency. Base hiring decisions off of the candidate’s answers and eliminate any biases.

Create a Positive Experience

Turn your hiring process into a meaningful experience that recruiters, hiring managers and candidates will all appreciate. By allowing candidates a fair chance to put their best foot forward, Ducknowl additionally allows hiring managers access to the best of the best in the talent pool.

User Friendly

It’s as simple as following the “Ducknowl green” and inviting your candidates. Navigating the audio screening couldn’t be easier! Ducknowl prides itself on its straightforward candidate screening interfaces, avoiding the clunky unusable alternatives. No need for candidates to waste time creating accounts either!

Enhance the Candidate Experience

Audio responses give candidates a chance to tell their story and speak beyond their resume. Ducknowl’s convenient platform allows candidates to record audio responses anywhere and anytime!

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Share Responses

Recruiters and hiring managers can easily share candidate’s responses with members of their hiring team or other staff via email. Unlike a phone or in-person interview, everyone involved in the hiring process can review the candidate’s audio responses.

Ducknowl Audio Screening Tool: Key Features

  • Create custom questions and receive audio responses from candidates.
  • Prevents scheduling conflicts and saves the recruiter’s time.
  • Candidates can record audio interview responses anytime anywhere.
  • Eliminate bias and solely make decisions based on candidate responses.
  • All audio interview responses are sharable with hiring teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does screening WORK

Recruiters can setup questions they want to send to candidates. Recruiters can setup the time for each answers. Candidates receive an email to do the audio recording. Candidate can answer questions one by one and submit the response. Recruiters can view the response in the dashboard.

Why would someone do audio recording not video recording?

Sometime recruiters are not allowed to do video recording due to some regulations in their industry or company. Thats why recruiters will do audio recording.