Invest Time in the Right Candidate: 

Prioritize your time during the hiring process with Ducknowl’s resume screening feature! No more wasting time with manual keyword searches!

Say Goodbye to Irrelevant Resumes:

Easily sort through resumes based on chosen keywords to avoid wasting time on irrelevant and spam resumes. Save money and time by avoiding recruiting candidates who don’t pan out.

Create a Candidate Inventory:

Rank and sort all candidates based on the criteria of your choosing. Change the criteria and view the updated results in real-time. Make your candidate inventory ready to share.

Humanize the Hiring Process:

Ducknowl is simple and easy to use. First, a recruiter or hiring manager creates a job listing with an unlimited number of keywords and assigns each keyword a weight. Ducknowl instantly sorts all submitted resumes and presents you with a ranked list of candidates in seconds.

Stay Notified:

Recruiters and hiring managers have the option to be notified every time a candidate submits a resume with a ranking score.

Key Features

  • Find the best matching resumes based upon keywords.
  • Rank and sort candidates based upon custom criteria.
  • Change matching criteria and view the updated results in real-time.