Automate Resume Screening, Sort Smarter and Faster.

One of the most common pains we come across with our clients is the chaotic mess of resumes in their emails. Whether candidates are coming from one third-party or another,there’s still the complaint of keeping everyone sorted in one place. That’s where Ducknowl comes in – providing automated resume parsing, sorting and ranking! Time is of the essence for recruiting teams, and Ducknowl’s resume screening tool allows you to prioritize the best of the best candidates based on the convenient data parameters that you set for your jobs!

resume screening

Benefits of Resume Screening

resume screening

Invest Time in the Right Candidate

Prioritise your time during the hiring process with Ducknowl’s resume screening feature! No more wasting time with manual keyword searches!

resume screening

Skip The Irrelevant Resumes

Easily sort through resumes using keywords of your choice. Using Ducknowl’s resume screening means recruiters eliminate wasting time on irrelevant and spam resumes. Save money and time by avoiding recruiting candidates who don’t pan out.

resume screening

Establish Candidate Inventories

Rank and sort all candidates based on the criteria of your choosing while juggling multiple jobs. Change the criteria and view the updated results in real-time to share with your teams and clients. You can always refer to previous positions to seek candidates who might be a better fit for a new role!

resume screening

Stay Notified

Recruiters and hiring managers have the option to be notified every time a candidate submits a resume with a ranking score.

resume screening

Humanize the Hiring Process

While the recruitment platform works to automate tedious, manual processes, Ducknowl emphasizes its motto to humanize the recruitment process. When it comes to screening, the system ultimately lets you decide who’s worth contacting for further screening, interviewing and onboarding!

Our Resume Screening Tool: Key Features

  • Find the best matching resumes based upon keywords.
  • Find the best matching resumes based upon keywords.
  • Change matching criteria and view the updated results in real-time.
resume screening

Resume Screening FAQ

What is a resume screening tools?

The main goal of a resume screening tool is to locate the most qualified & talented candidates for a job. These tools will parse data from the resumes automatically and then based upon the criteria setup by the recruiter, the tool will sort the resumes. It makes it easier for recruiter to shortlist the resumes compared to a manual process where they will have to read every single resume.

How does Ducknowl’s Resume AI Algorithm works?

Resume AI algorithm parse the resumes of all the application, Ducknowl pulls all the resumes automatically from the ATS or job portals. Based upon the criteria setup by the recuiter, Ducknowl will analyze the parsed resumes and rank them based upon the matching algorithm. It reduces overall time taken by the recruiters to shortlist the resume.

What is Resume parser?

Resume parser helps scan the document(doc or PDF), analyze it, and fetch vital information for recruiters. For most recruiters, important information to be extracted with a resume parser includes skills, work experience, contact information, achievements, education, certifications and specific professional specializations.