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skill breakdowns

Our resume screening software looks beyond the skills mentioned in the resume. It includes a set of categories and subcategories that group different skills based on their complexity, specialization, and relevance to a specific job or industry. See detailed explanations of job skills with a simple click. 

skill breakdown
data-driven recruitment

data-driven recruitment

Ducknowl’s resume parsing and proprietary keyword matching feature remove bias, letting data drive your recruitment process. You can categorize keywords into subsections like “mandatory” or “nice to have”, and our software will rank resumes accordingly without eliminating any candidates. Prioritize candidates quickly and easily by seeing exactly which skills they use most often.

seamless Integration

We have integrated with ATS, such as Greenhouse, Lever, Crelate, JazzHR, Jobvite, and SmartRecruiter. Integration allows recruiters to use our resume screening tool for resume analysis.

seamless Integration
at a glance detailed overview

at a glance detailed overview

Avoid reading heavy resumes by seeing each candidate’s information in the same format, every time. Our resume screening software provides a detailed overview of the candidate’s work history, education, achievements, etc. 

all in one dashboard

Skip the extra platforms! Ducknowl takes pride in providing a user-friendly, automated resume screening experience. As an added Advanced Feature, resume parsing is available directly on your candidate Screening Dashboard, keeping recruiters centralized and focused. Pre-recorded video interviews and skill assessments are also available on a single dashboard as an added feature.

all in one dashboard
humanize the recruitment

humanize the recruitment process

Save time on reading resumes- spend your time interviewing real people. Our automated resume screening software provides enough data to decide who’s worth contacting for further screening and interviewing, without turning people into resume pages. 

our resume screening platform across industries

From entry level to executive, administrators and accountants to waitstaff – Ducknowl has you covered.
Simplify hiring faculty and staff alike with a smooth, single-platform, user-friendly interface
Give your recruiters an edge by assessing both hard and soft skills when it comes to customer-facing tech roles
No matter the employment type of your job opening, Ducknowl can help you find the right fit!

why choose ducknowl's resume screening software?

faster than the blink of an eye

Our resume screening tool works faster than the blink of an eye. With a speed of 300 milliseconds on average, your team can accurately parse resumes and CVs. Sort your resumes in less than 10 seconds!

beyond the resume

Use taxonomy to get insight on your candidate’s skill set. Rely on more than just a resume to effectively screen candidates. If a candidate misses writing the skills in the resume, Taxonomy might help reveal those skills. This makes it easy to conduct automated assessments.

candidate inventories

With our resume screening software, rank and sort all your available candidates based on your chosen criteria, all while juggling multiple jobs. Change your criteria and view updated results in real-time to share with your recruiting team and clients. You can always refer to previous positions to seek candidates who might be a better fit for a new role!

multilingual parsing

Ducknowl’s resume parsing doesn’t just speak English. Utilize our multilingual parsing in over 30 languages. We can parse in English, Spanish, French, and other popular European and Asian languages. 

speak your language

Expect gold-star technical support at any time. Our in-house recruiters can even train your team on how to utilize a resume parsing tool.

pay for what you use

Ducknowl’s resume screening software understands the complexities and varying needs of recruitment, whether you’re an enterprise or a small business. Our pricing is customized based on your specific hiring process and the types of screenings you use. We don’t charge you for what you don’t utilize in your process.

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Natasha Myers
Founder of People Tree
I like that it combines video screening and technology screenings into one software.
Ivonne Castro
HR Manager
A fantastic new approach to screen candidates - no more plain resumes screening
Rocky Singh
I must say Ducknowl has changed my hiring landscape by reducing time in screening.
David Wilson
Best screening platform for staffing agencies, I increased my success rate by 80%.
Cherian Thomas
CEO and Founder
Best Screening Tools to quickly identify the top applicants for your job. I love the resume ranking.
Niki Grant
Staffing Specialist
Ducknowl is a "no-brainer" for Recruiters. It's a comprehensive screening software.

resume screening Frequently asked questions

The main goal of a resume screening tool is to locate the most qualified & talented candidates for a job. These tools will parse data from the resumes automatically and then, based on the criteria set up by the recruiter, the tool will sort the resumes in order of priority. Our tool makes it easier for recruiters to shortlist resumes. Cut time on manual processes, where recruiters must read every resume received in detail.
Ducnowl’s resume AI algorithm parses the resumes of all candidates, by pulling them automatically from your ATS or job portals. Based upon the criteria set up by the recruiter, Ducknowl will analyze the parsed resumes and rank them based on the matching algorithm. It reduces the time recruiters must spend on shortlisting resumes.
A resume parser helps scan the resume or cover letter(.doc or . PDF), analyze it, and extract any vital information for recruiters. For most recruiters, important information to be extracted with a resume parser includes skills, work experience, contact information, achievements, education, certifications, and specific professional specializations.
A resume parser performs parsing of resumes by extracting the resume information in data fields that can be stored in an ATS. Your recruiters can easily view resume information without having to scan resumes by hand. Skip formatting issues.
A resume parser brings automation to the way you screen resumes. It is the perfect replacement for the traditional way of screening resumes for a job profile. It also saves recruiters’ time concerning manual resume data entry.

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