Introduce Data-Driven hiring with Ducknowl

Introduce a new hiring approach that fits the modern-day business. Make-certain your hiring process is unbiased and evaluates all candidates fairly. You can trust every hiring choice because it’s defended with data.


The Days of Word or PDF resume are gone…

Do you think a resume does justice to the candidate’s skill set? If not, then we have the platform for you! Our platform gives a fair chance for candidates to represent themselves beyond the Word or PDF file.


Create your own candidate inventory

Ever find a great candidate, but you weren’t hiring at the moment? Ever wish you could save that candidate for future jobs? Then do it. Ducknowl lets you store your candidate’s screening data in a structured format, so no need to reinvent the wheel anymore.


Integrate with your Websites/ATS

Ducknowl integrates with your ATS and websites so that you have a seamless experience in maintaining data and conducting the screening process.


Enable your recruiters with superpowers

Ducknowl works for your recruiters so they can find and screen the most qualified candidates with the click of a button. Your team will feel like recruiting heroes with powers like video/audio screening and skills assessments equipped with proxy prevention technology.