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Empower candidates to go beyond the resume

Streamline your recruiting process.
here’s how one-way video interviewing can help

hire people, not resumes

Our pre-recorded video interview software allows recruiters to evaluate candidates’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including clarity, articulation, confidence, and body language.

increase your recruiters' productivity by up to 85%

Using one-way video interview software as an initial screening tool, recruiters can quickly assess more candidates in less time. Recruiters can review pre-recorded interviews and identify the most promising candidates likely to proceed to the next stages of the hiring process. This helps streamline the screening process and enables recruiters to focus on the most qualified individuals.

giving candidates flexibility

One-way video interview software empowers candidates to showcase their abilities effectively while maintaining a balance between their personal and professional commitments. Candidates have the option to re-record their responses if they are not satisfied with their initial attempts. This flexibility allows candidates to showcase their best qualities and present themselves in the best possible light.

eliminate unconscious bias

With a pre-recorded video interview platform, all candidates respond to the same set of questions or scenarios. This ensures consistency throughout the evaluation process and allows for impartial candidate comparisons. Recruiters can review candidates based on standardized criteria, reducing bias and promoting a more objective evaluation.

saves hiring managers’ time by up to 50%

By leveraging pre-recorded video interview software, hiring managers quickly identify the most promising candidates, enable parallel collaboration with other functional managers, and focus on qualified candidates with marked efficiency. Your potential time savings can be substantial- potentially up to 50%, depending on your specific hiring process and applicant volume.

our pre-recorded video interviewing across industries

flexible recruiting
across industries

From entry level to executive, administrators and accountants to waitstaff – Ducknowl has you covered.
Simplify hiring faculty and staff alike with a smooth, single-platform, and user-friendly interface
Give your recruiters an edge by assessing both hard and soft skills when it comes to customer-facing tech roles
No matter the employment type of your job opening, Ducknowl can help you find the right fit!

why choose ducknowl’s pre-recorded
video interviewing?

why choose ducknowl’s?

unmatched flexibility

Seamlessly blending live and one way interviews, essay questions, and skill assessments, our platform lets you choose. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all hiring processes and embrace the freedom to tailor each step to your requirements.

Cut costs, not quality

Ducknowl revolutionizes the recruitment process by offering an all-in-one interview platform that equips recruiters with powerful tools to evaluate, rate, and showcase top talent to hiring managers and clients. Recruiters can test candidates concerning their hard or soft skills as well as psychometric tests, all proctored by ethical AI.

Be the Talk of the Job Boards

Transform job descriptions with customizable videos, stand out on job boards, and showcase your company’s unique culture from the start. Seamlessly integrate with major job platforms for effortless talent sourcing.

Streamlined Recruitment Solutions

Stay organized with Ducknowl’s user-friendly asynchronous video interview platform. Prioritize candidates with 5-star rating options from your entire recruitment team. Easily share candidate profiles, resumes, videos, and ratings, keeping everyone in the loop. Customize email templates and disposition messages effortlessly with our intuitive software.

Up-to-Date At A Glance

Ducknowl doesn’t just keep you in touch with candidates, we keep you informed. Ducknowl’s pre-recorded video interview platform tracks candidate engagement, monitoring email invite metrics for strategic communication.

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Natasha Myers
Founder of People Tree
I like that it combines video screening and technology screenings into one software.
Ivonne Castro
HR Manager
A fantastic new approach to screen candidates - no more plain resumes screening
Rocky Singh
I must say Ducknowl has changed my hiring landscape by reducing time in screening.
David Wilson
Best screening platform for staffing agencies, I increased my success rate by 80%.
Cherian Thomas
CEO and Founder
Best Screening Tools to quickly identify the top applicants for your job. I love the resume ranking.
Niki Grant
Staffing Specialist
Ducknowl is a "no-brainer" for Recruiters. It's a comprehensive screening software.

pre-recorded video interviewing
Frequently asked questions

reusume screening
Frequently asked questions

One way video interview or pre-recorded interviews is the interview format where the recruiter sends preset questions to candidates and candidates record the response by video and submit.
They all are same, people use different terminology. One-way video interview is the most popular name.
They are quicker and have a more effective application screening process. Even if the candidates are not nearby, these interviews still give you a chance to interact with the most talented ones.
Once the recruiter has shortlisted a resume for video interviewing, the recruiter can set questions in the Job Dashboard. The recruiter will send an invite to shortlisted candidates. Candidates will receive an email with the link to perform the video interview.
The candidate will receive an email notification with a link to start the video interview. The candidate can perform the interview either on a computer using a browser or by downloading iPhone App. Once you start the interview, Ducknowl will test your camera and bandwidth to ensure you have everything in your system. You will get the option to rehearse the pre-recorded video interview tool. Once you start the test, you will record the video response and save it. After you complete all the questions, you can review your final response and submit it.
Pre-recorded video interviews are useful because they save the recruiter’s time since recruiters don’t have to do phone tagging and take notes on paper. Pre-recorded video interviews allow all job applicants to represent themselves positively with their soft skills and pitch that is not communicated via resumes. Top talent employee rises to the top where they can be quickly identified, and Ducknow Pre-recorded video interview software made this simple. Pre-recorded video interviews introduce a great facility for all while minimizing hiring bias
90% of job seekers would agree that trying to stand out in a large pool of resumes can be difficult. Video interviews allow them to differentiate themselves. Because of the video interview platform, they can showcase their personality, knowledge, and skills. They can also highlight important skill sets and share more details compared to a resume. For example, they can explain their passion for the job in the video interview way better than they could in the resume.

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