Speed Up Your Interview with Pre-Recorded
Video Interviewing

If you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, or simply a leader seeking out the best to join your team, you know the struggles of scheduling (and rescheduling) numerous candidate interviews every day. The creators of Ducknowl know that pain, and thus have a simple and convenient solution: one way video interviewing, also referred to as pre-recorded video interviewing. With this tool under your belt, expect to save your time and your candidates’ time by allowing them to respond to interview questions on their own time, with the convenience and quiet of their own homes!

one way video interview software

Benefits of One Way Video Interview

one way video interview software

Time Saving for Hiring Teams

Ducknowl’s one way video interview software ( or pre-recorded video interview software) makes the hiring process quick and simple! Eliminate scheduling conflicts, screen more candidates in less time, and increase the overall quality of the candidate pool. Invest time only in the best quality candidates.

one way video interview software

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

One way video interview questions can be customised for a specific job or position, and every candidate receives the same questions for consistency. Hire candidates based on conscious reasoning and data, instead of intuition.

one way video interview software

Find the Genuine Candidate

Avoid bait-and-switch situations by verifying the identity of candidates and prevent proxy interviews. Mitigate the risk of losing client(s) by using Ducknowl’s proxy prevention technology. The one-way video interviewing also lets teams assess how candidates carry themselves and explain relevant concepts.

one way video interview software

Easy to Use

Simply create and assign questions and a time limit for your candidates. Candidates receive an email invite for the video interview screening, and based on their preferences, they may have the option to retake if necessary. This is one of the primary features of Ducknowl’s asynchronous video interviewing software!

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Enhance the Candidate Experience

One way video responses give candidates a chance to tell their stories and speak beyond their resumes. Candidates are able to record video responses anywhere and anytime! The convenience of recording in the quiet of their home outweighs the stress of commuting to the location or rescheduling calls. Smooth candidate experience is key in onboarding the best of the best!

one way video interview software

Candidate Response Sharing

Recruiters and hiring managers can easily share candidate’s responses with members of their hiring team or other staff via email. Unlike an in-person interview, everyone involved in the hiring process can view the candidate’s video responses, whether or not they have a Ducknowl account.

Ducknowl’s Unique Key Features for One Way Video Interviewing

  • Identify and skip candidates with strong resumes but weak culture fit.
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts and save the recruiter’s time.
  • Verify the identity of candidates and prevent proxy interviews.
  • Instant notification for completed candidate screenings.
  • Easy candidate profile and screening sharing with hiring team and clientele.
one way video interview software

One way video interviews FAQ

What is one way video interview?

One way video interview or pre-recorded interviews is the interview format where the recruiter sends preset questions to candidates and candidates record the response by video and submit.

What is the difference between one way video interview and pre-recorded interview or asynchronous interview?

They all are same, people use different terminology. One-way video interview is the most popular name.

Why are One way video interview important?

They are quicker and have a more effective application screening process. Even if the candidates are not nearby, these interviews still give you a chance to interact with the most talented ones.

How do I invite candidates for video interviews in Ducknowl?

Once the recruiter has shortlisted a resume for video interviewing, the recruiter can set questions in the Job Dashboard. The recruiter will send an invite to shortlisted candidates. Candidates will receive an email with the link to perform the video interview.

As a candidate, how do I complete a pre-recorded video interview?

The candidate will receive an email notification with a link to start the video interview. The candidate can perform the interview either on a computer using a browser or by downloading iPhone App. Once you start the interview, Ducknowl will test your camera and bandwidth to ensure you have everything in your system. You will get the option to rehearse the pre-recorded video interview tool. Once you start the test, you will record the video response and save it. After you complete all the questions, you can review your final response and submit it.

Why pre-recorded video interviews so valuable?

Pre-recorded video interviews are useful because they save the recruiter’s time since recruiters don’t have to do phone tagging and take notes on paper. Pre-recorded video interviews allow all job applicants to represent themselves positively with their soft skills and pitch that is not communicated via resumes. Top talent employee rises to the top where they can be quickly identified, and Ducknow Pre-recorded video interview software made this simple. Pre-recorded video interviews introduce a great facility for all while minimizing hiring bias

How does video Interviewing platforms benefit candidates?

90% of job seekers would agree that trying to stand out in a large pool of resumes can be difficult. Video interviews allow them to differentiate themselves. Because of the video interview platform, they can showcase their personality, knowledge, and skills. They can also highlight important skill sets and share more details compared to a resume. For example, they can explain their passion for the job in the video interview way better than they could in the resume.