Promote Your Job Via Text:

Upload a video to distinguish yourself and your job to candidates, as well as share the importance/value of video screening. Your candidate will receive this message via mobile text.

Say Goodbye to “Ghosting”:

Keep candidates updated about the interview process without spending time reaching out to them individually. With “Ghosting” becoming a greater issue in the recruiting industry, your candidates will appreciate hearing from you.

Engage Candidates:

Easily send updates and information to candidates in the form of a video text message.

Easy to Use:

Simply upload your MP4 file to our platform or link a Youtube or Vimeo video to send out to candidates.

Save Time:

Ducknowl’s video texting feature saves you time when reaching out to candidates. Send one video to multiple candidates with the click of a button!

Key Features

  • Distinguish yourself and your job to candidates
  • Candidates will receive messages via mobile text