Say Goodbye to Ghosting

Keep candidates updated about the interview process without spending time reaching out to them individually. With “Ghosting” becoming a greater issue in the recruiting industry, your candidates will appreciate hearing a video message from you, not from a machine.

Make recruiting personal

Use a video to distinguish yourself and your job to candidates. Promote your organization by sharing videos with candidates. Send a personal video greeting and makes the candidate feel special with a custom message. Your candidate will receive the message via mobile text.

Easy to Use

Ducknowl made this so simple. You can upload an MP4 file to our platform or link a Youtube or Vimeo video. Once your video is ready, you can create a custom message and send it out to candidates.

Save Time

Rather than playing phone tag, engage candidates directly, and share information or promote the job. Send one video to multiple candidates with the click of a button.

Key Features

  • Distinguish yourself and your job to candidates
  • Candidates will receive messages via mobile text