Humanize Recruitment with Video Texting

Ducknowl’s top motto is Humanizing The Recruitment Process. It entails putting intentional care into your recruitment plans, keeping your candidates active and engaged throughout the hiring process. Ducknowl’s Video Texting feature allows you to stay connected to candidates, allowing you to put a face to reminders and simultaneously keep candidates reminded of the company that’s reaching out to them.

Benefits of Video Text Message

No More Ghosting

Keep candidates updated about the interview process without the tediousness of reaching out to them individually. With “Ghosting” becoming a greater issue in the recruiting industry, your candidates will appreciate hearing a video message from you, not from a machine.

Make Recruiting personal

Use a video to distinguish yourself and your job to candidates. Promote your organization by sharing videos with candidates and reduce the confusion (and frustration) of being asked “Who are you? What job is this for again?” Get personal and make your candidates feel special with custom video text messages.

Always User Friendly

Just like with Video Job Descriptions, Ducknowl makes video text messaging simple! Easily upload a video file or link to any Youtube/Vimeo video to our platform, and send it out to candidates with one click of a button!

Save Time

Rather than playing phone tag, engage candidates directly, and share information or promote the job. Send one video to multiple candidates, hassle-free! Ducknowl continues to emphasize simplicity and efficiency.

Amazing Key Features of Ducknowl's video texting

  • Distinguish yourself and your job to candidates
  • Candidates will receive messages via mobile text

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Video Texting in Ducknowl?

Recruiters can record a video message and then push it to candidates. This is to engage and educate the candidate.

What is better video or text?

Our brain can process visuals much faster as compared to text. The human brain is more used to seeing visuals and good at interpreting them.