RIP Wordy Job Descriptions

Your chance to get creative! Create a video that lets your applicant know the ideal candidate for the position. You can also let them know how awesome you are. Say goodbye to long, wordy job descriptions.


Blast Off Candidate Engagement

Build relationships with candidates right away to get them excited about your super-awesome opportunity. Let them hear directly from the source what you are looking for, not from a job board. Watch your candidate engagement take flight.

Easy to Use

Ducknowl made this so simple. You can upload an MP4 file to our platform or link a Youtube or Vimeo video. Once your video is ready, you can post the video to the job link page to copy and embed on any job board.


Think Out of the “Job Description”

Stand out to candidates with your uber-cool personality. This is your chance to sell your job to the candidate! Let them know why they should want to work for you! This will make your job posting stand out from the crowd. .