Attract the Top Talent with Ducknowl's
Video Job Description

As candidates click through numerous, yet similar, career pages and job descriptions, think about what sets you apart from the others. When candidates land on your job page, are they met with a dry wall of text? With Video Job Descriptions, your candidates immediately see what you and your company are all about! They’re met with a warm and welcoming face, a real person quickly yet excitedly giving them an overview of their potential role. Right off the bat, candidates are seeing that you, instead of the other guy, have put in much more effort to attract their attention, keeping them engaged – thus keeping you in mind longer!

Benefits of Video Job Description

Don’t Solely Rely on Wordy Job Descriptions

Now’s your chance to get creative and add a video that lets your applicant know the ideal candidate for the position. Informing them on how your company culture triumphs over others is another great way to sell the job!. Say goodbye to clunky and wordy job descriptions.

Boost Your Candidate Engagement

Build relationships with candidates right away to get them excited about your stellar opportunity to join your team. Let them hear directly from the source what you are looking for, not from a job board. Watch your candidate engagement take flight.

Always User Friendly

Ducknowl is made with simplicity in mind, so you don’t need to be a professional videographer!. Easily upload a video file or use a Youtube or Vimeo link. Once your job setup is complete, simply embed it to any job board and let your video tell your company’s story anywhere!.

Think Out of the “Job Description”

Show the exceptionality of yourself, team and company! This is your chance to sell your job to the candidate and let them know why they ought to work for you Ducknowl’s Video Job Description lets your job posting stand out from the crowd.

Ducknowl’s Video Job Description : Key Features

  • Humanize your job posting and tell a story to engage the applicants.
  • Increase visibility amongst job seekers to engage passive candidates.
  • Increase the trust factor of job posts.
  • Communicate company culture, and bring the role to life.
  • Increase awareness with easy social sharing.
  • The video job description highlights the company’s uniqueness.

Video Job Description FAQ

Why should companies include video job description in job posts?

A video job description is a brief, video-based overview of a specific job opening that includes a summary of the position’s responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations. It can also have videos that showcase the workspace, current employees and company culture.

What type of videos should go into a video job description?

  • Recruiting talking about the job and responsibility.
  • Hiring managers talking about their culture and evaluation style.
  • CEOs talking about their company vision.
  • Employees giving testimonials.

How does a video job description humanise your company brand?

All job applicants want to know how they will fit into your company. By sharing stories of successful individuals, leaders and organisational culture, prospective employees can start to envision what their life could look like if they worked with your company.

How companies can communicate more with Ducknowl video job description

Your business probably has some cool benefits that you can’t include in your written job descriptions. For example, you may have sit-to-stand desks or an open office plan. Ducknowl Video job description is the perfect way to showcase these awesome features in your video!.

Should we create video job description for every job post?

It adds more value, if you use Ducknowl, you can add video with every job page.