What is Video Interviewing?

Video interviewing is a modern way of recruiting. This process is executed by either sending questions to your candidate that they can review and answer on their own time. Video interviewing solutions help recruiters to reduce hiring time, provide new insights about a potential candidate, and broaden their candidate base to include remote applicants. According to a further study, 47% of organizations use video interviewing software.

Video interviewing allows recruiters and candidates to conduct and close a job interview faster than traditional hiring methods. Finally, even candidates love video interviewing since they can reduce travel costs and the time involved in face-to-face interviews.

Types of Video Interviewing


Pre-recorded Video interviewing

Pre-recorder interviews refer to one-way interviews where recruiters ask candidates to answer and record some interview questions within an allotted time. Some companies and platforms also allow candidates to re-record their answers, giving them an additional chance to modify their answers before sending the final video. Then the recruiters analyze the video in detail and forward it to the concerned party. This process allows recruiters the time and convenience to review all videos and shortlist qualified candidates for the further process.


Live Video interviewing

In this process, recruiters conduct one-on-one interviews with candidates. Some of it includes built-in video calling features, further smoothening the video interview process between candidates and recruiters.

Benefits of Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing

Cut Down Time on Telephone Interviews

Have you ever spent 10-15 minutes on the phone with a candidate, only to discover they aren’t adequately qualified? With the help of virtual interviewing software, recruiters can send interview questions set directly to the candidates. Instead of playing phone hockey, review their answers on your own time, cutting out the small talk and getting to the skills needed for hiring.

Video Interviewing

Easy Candidate Engagement

Virtual interviewing software allows employers to take proactive steps to create a positive recruitment process for all applicants. Cut down on travel costs and time-consuming hiring processes with video interviewing.

Video Interviewing

Say Goodbye to Unconscious Bias

Ducknowl interviewing software is powered by a data-driven platform that eliminates unconscious biases in the hiring process for recruiters and managers. When making a recruitment, recruiters can refer to the candidate’s data- their video interview answers, activities and scores- to make the final decision.

Video Interviewing

Improve the Quality of Your Hire

The ultimate goal of the company’s recruitment team is to hire the best possible talent out of a vast pool of applicants. Ducknowl’s video interviewing gives your candidates the opportunity to sell themselves to the hiring manager so you don’t have to. 

Video Interviewing

Accelerate your hiring process

As long as a position is not filled, a company loses productivity by the minute. Virtual interview platforms open up the chance to hire outside the geographical barrier, thereby widening your hiring pool. In addition, video interviews cut down on phone time and candidate chasing.

Video Interviewing

Eliminate stressors with in-person interviews

In-person interviews are stressful for candidates as there is no room for errors. Plus, sitting and answering in front of an interviewer for the first time often makes a candidate overwhelmed. With video interview software, recruiters can allow any number of chances to re-record an interview.

Video Interviewing

Easy to use

Online video interviewing platforms makes it easier for both recruiters and candidates. Recruiters can easily assign questions for candidates and add a time limit for the candidates to respond. Then the questions are sent to the candidates’ email, providing them a time limit to submit their answers. For convenience, recruiters can allow candidates to retake their answers before the final submission.

video interviewing

Supercharge your hiring process with Ducknowl

Ducknowl’s video interviewing software helps employers connect with a wide pool of talents across several hiring platforms. It eliminates the geographical and time barrier between recruiters and candidates, allowing them to communicate with each other from anywhere and anytime.

With video interviews, skill tests, and resume scoring, Ducknowl helps recruiters seamlessly identify talents based on a candidate’s skills, experience, educational background, and other relevant information. The Ducknowl video interviewing process helps modernize and streamline the traditional recruitment process. In the long run, the software can help companies revolutionize their hiring process by reducing hiring costs while finding the best talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The subscription cost of Ducknowl's video interviewing tool is based on how many video interview screenings you use. However, you don't have to pay for our subscription right away. For your convenience, we offer a 30 day free trial. During this time, we’ll train your recruiters on Ducknowl, and create a quote based on your company’s individual needs.  Just drop your information in our "Request a demo" form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, Ducknowl categorizes your data to show exactly why you hired the candidate you did. Our tool uses a wide variety of data points such as skill tests, resume scores, and video interview results to help you make a conscientious decision. 

It is a tool used by recruiters to connect and interview the talented candidates remotely from any corner of the world. Thus it helps in streamlining the whole process of the interview. 

They are same, people use different terminology to describe it.  

There are two types of video interviewing software: pre-recorded(one way video interview software) and live video interview software. In pre-recorded video interview software recruiters set questions for the applicants to answer and record them in allotted time. In live video interview software recruiters meet the candidates face to face at a mutual time.