If you were sitting at Pete’s Coffee House in South Loop, Chicago, you might have overheard Piyush and Vikram discussing the issues faced by recruiters while screening candidates.

Ok, maybe hiring isn’t everyone’s favorite coffee shop subject, but if you’ve ever had to go through the recruitment and hiring process – either as a hiring manager or a candidate – you probably do have something to say on the subject.

Recruiters and hiring managers invest significant amounts of time and money on the hiring process, and we had the idea of creating a tool that would help them. That day in the coffee shop, Vikram was particularly focused on how the recruitment process has been manipulated by tricks, such as falsified resumes and proxy interviews, that cause screening and hiring nightmares. Even without tricks, screening candidates who simply do not have the credentials or experience to do the job just doesn’t make good business sense.

The problem identified, Vikram and Piyush set about brainstorming how to resolve the multiple challenges encountered by hiring managers and recruiters.

AI was the obvious solution: building an AI tool to make screening process smarter and more efficient. The project quickly moved from sketches on paper, to meeting with industry leaders, to designing and patenting the AI platform.

This is the origin of ducknowl. Our duck will filter the best candidate for you and our owl will validate the authenticity of a candidate. Together, duck and owl will help you detect unqualified candidates and focus on only the best talent for your company.

ducknowl:  your favorite smart AI pet at work.

Our Team


Vikram has over 10 years of management experience, particularly focused on the IT industry. With his background and acumen in IT staffing and recruitment, he has worked passionately  to develop Ducknowl to help organizations find the best skilled talent without going through a tedious recruitment process. Vikram has an MS degree from Georgetown University, and various certifications in Project Management. He lives with his family in Chicagoland and is a keen supporter of sustainable organic farming.


Piyush has a passion for solving problems using technology. After doing his PhD at Johns Hopkins, instead of taking a job in research, he indulged his passion for tech entrepreneurship and went to work with a startup. He helped grow that startup 30X times,  and in 2010 he founded his own company, Simpalm. Piyush loves cooking, playing golf and spending time with family.

Brittany Mora

Britt Mora brings her passion for sales and marketing to help humanize the talent acquisition process at DuckNOwl. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Psychology and is very excited to return to her hometown of Chicago. In her free time, Britt enjoys going to concerts, reading, and spending time with her cat.


Shruti has 7 years of experience in product development, market assessment, product launch and commercial strategy. She engages with clients across the spectrum including healthcare, pharmaceutical and core supply chain related products and services in Information Technology. Shruti holds a MS from Georgetown University and an MBA from Rutgers School of Business (The State University of New Jersey). Her hobbies include reading and traveling.

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