Managing Accountability with Assessment Auto-Proctoring

Traditionally, proctoring was a classic tale between a candidate and an invigilator—the main goal to ensure the genuineness of test-taking candidates. In the last decade, due to online assesments, auto proctoring has become a big need for assesing candidates.

It’s no wonder auto-proctoring has met remarkable success among schools, universities, and talent acquisition companies. Automated proctoring, commonly called online proctoring, has become quite a sensation in the world of education and recruitment, as it can supervise volumes of candidates at once and ensure candidate genuineness like no other.


What is auto proctoring in online assessment :

It is an online proctoring technique that uses audio-video and screen stock examinations to reject any violation during the online exams or video interview. Online proctoring is a more convenient and flexible option for students and the corporate sector. 

Auto-proctoring verifies biometric properties like keystroke dynamics, facial recognition,  voice recognition, etc. It also goes based on detecting evaluation fraud in a test environment. Thus, it can monitor the candidate and test environment without human intervention.

Auto-proctoring automatically detects any non-standard behaviour or cheating during the assessment period. On resale of such behaviours, candidates are suspended by continuing evaluation.


Types of auto proctoring

Remote-based auto-proctoring monitors everything required to certify the reality of a candidate. Therefore, the system ensures no place has been left for any fraud activity. Generally, the auto-proctoring candidate takes a 360-degree approach to authentication and test integrity.

1. Video Proctoring: Candidates will be used for real-time monitoring and recorded to the candidate’s identity, test environment and other activities. If the candidate did any fraud during the examination, auto-proctoring would be detected instantly, and that candidate will be flagged automatically.

2. Audio Proctor: Audio proctor scans the candidate’s audio feed through the microphone,, records and monitors with curious attention to the additional noise or voice that occurred during the audio feed evaluation of the candidate. Any sound which is not tailored to the test guidelines will be automatically flagged.

3. Image Proctoring: The image proctor checks the  Live images of the test candidate are captured at regular intervals. Image proctor compared against the base image (taken before the skill assessment) to verify the genuineness. Any abnormality or other person intruding will make the candidate auto-flagged.

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Why has auto proctoring gained more popularity in the recruiting sector?

 1. With auto-proctoring, recruiters or hiring agencies can trust the online testing and assessment softwares.

2. It coupled with online testing generate candidate assessment and behaviour reports quickly.

3. Customization available as per need

4. Auto Flag any candidate misconduct or discrepancies

5. Cost-effective

6. Reduced manual work and interference

8. Better control on candidate’s activity and test environment


Guidelines of auto proctoring

Frankly speaking, There are no unique rules and regulations in an online proctoring. The online assessment facility allows candidates a great deal of flexibility to participate in the trial at any time, anywhere.

1. Ensure that webcam and microphone access enable properly 

2. There is no unusual behaviour or activity that the amount of deceit

3. Close all other tabs and windows in the computer

4. No books, equipment, or devices (unless specified)

5. Try to make zero/minimal disturbing noise or sound


How Ducknowl’s auto proctoring helps to ascertain candidate’s genuineness

Remote proctoring feature in Ducknowl is well ahead of other recruiting and assessments softwares used for candidate’s assessments. Recruiters can track and monitor candidate’s activity through the enabled use of a webcam and microphone throughout the assessment duration.

Ducknowl’s auto proctoring mechanisms like abnormal behaviour, tab-switch count, auto-flagging suspicious activities, visual face verification and comprehensive reports are widely used by vast employers, agencies, and industries worldwide. What’s more! Apart from being a flexible Auto-proctoring system, Ducknowl not only recognizes genuine, talented, and skilled candidates, it also helps in reducing  unconscious bias


Confirming candidate’s genuineness through Ducknowl auto proctoring

1. Try to present at least 5 minutes before the assessment begins

2. Appropriate dress code

3. Display professionalism

4. No impersonation

5. Consistent behaviour and etiquettes

6. No unwanted eye movements or body language

7. Avoid “unusual‘ conversation


Final thoughts

It provides the shield during online testing to make sure that candidates are not violating the rules and do clean work. The future of online proctoring is estimated to move forward with innovations and integration. Between the things said and done, industry and candidates are still learning to adopt remote proctoring in the evaluation process. Selecting candidates using online proctoring leads to the right candidates at right positions and right organisations.







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