Ducknowl Now Integrates with Greenhouse

Does your hiring team use the Greenhouse platform to help power your recruitment efforts? Then you’re in luck! We are proud to announce our Ducknowl integration with Greenhouse.


What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is a renowned ATS that helps to manage and  improve your entire hiring process. It provides a positive hiring experience via ultramodern candidate tracking, reporting, and survey features. Its highly scalable and customizable interface makes it an ideal requirement for every fast-growing startup and large corporation. Furthermore,  it comes integrated with a structured algorithm to optimise your recruitment efforts and free it from conscious and unconscious biases. 


What is Ducknowl

Ducknowl is a talent assessment platform, making the hiring process faster, smarter, and bias-free. Generally, Recruiters and HR teams spend a lot of time screening candidates for jobs. Still, the best candidates do not come to the surface. Ducknowl solves your screening problem.

Ducknowl allows you to conduct resume screening, video screening, and skill assessment of applicants from one dashboard. The platform reduces the screening time by 70-80% and digitises the process with inbuilt features like video interviewing, resume screening, keyword matching, automated proctoring, and results sharing. 


How ducknowl Works

Ducknowl’s video interviewing feature makes the hiring process quick and simple! Eliminate scheduling conflicts, screen more candidates in less time, and increase the overall quality of the candidate pool. Invest time only on the best quality candidates.


How does the new Ducknowl integration with Greenhouse works?

Every recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process needs data and information that flows between your core HR system and the applicant tracking system. The new Ducknowl integration with Greenhouse assures a seamless flow of job details, new employee data, candidate data, and roles between these applications. It harmoniously transforms your raw data into accurate, current, and actionable data, thereby simplifying complex hiring processes.

1. Transfer Resumes

Ducknowl creates an automated synchronization process to pull all the Applicants data including resumes from Greenhouse database.  

2. Perform entire screening and assessment in Ducknowl

With Greenhouse Integration, all of the applicant data will seamlessly flow from your ATS into the Ducknowl platform. recruiters can also send screening data from Ducknowl to shoot back into your Greenhouse account.

3. Transfer back appointed candidate information

You can automatically transfer successful candidate details from  Ducknowl to ATS  for creating new employee records and complete your entire hiring process in Greenhouse.

With our new integration, you can conduct bilateral data exchange within our Ducknowl platform and the Greenhouse platform. It will amplify the accuracy and scalability of all our Ducknowl products, including (not limited to):

 4. Pre-recorded interviews

  1. Online skills testing

  2. Resume Screening

  3. Video job Description

5. Integrating structured interviews into your recruitment process

The Greenhouse+Ducknowl integration helps you structure your recruitment process by developing custom interview questions and integrating digital rating guides. Which eventually minimizes hiring biases and promotes diversity in your workforce.


Start using Ducknowl & Greenhouse together 

Automating business processes between Greenhouse and Ducknowl can help you reduce manual data entry, phone tagging, eliminate errors, and improve your overall candidate experience during screening and assessment process. We know every organization has unique requirements. Contact us if you need our help to design automated workflows to get the best out of your recruiting system investments. 

Whether you are a one man army, or an enterprise, we are your solution to seamless screening integrations.

If you’re already a Greenhouse client, visit our listing on the Greenhouse Marketplace for more information! If you’re interested in scheduling a demo for your team, go to

Say goodbye to the biased and hectic hiring process. Welcome to data-driven recruitment!


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