ducknowl dashboard

Resume Screening

  • Parse hundreds of resumes in just a few minutes.
  • No more manual keyword searches.
  • Find the best matching resumes based upon the keywords.
  • Rank the candidates based upon your criteria.
  • Change matching criteria and view the updated results in real-time.

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Video Screening

  • Set custom questions, get video answers, rate soft skills.
  • Eliminate the scheduling conflicts and save the recruiter’s time.
  • Helps eliminate candidates with poor soft skills, focus on right candidates.
  • Verifies the identity of your candidates and prevents proxy interviews.
  • Video interviews are sharable with hiring managers and other interested parties.

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Skill Assessment

  • Screen candidates based on skills.
  • Create a custom test or select from available technical tests.
  • Our proxy prevention tool will ensure that the same person performs the test
  • Candidates can take the test whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.
  • Provides quantitative data to make interview and hiring decisions more legally defensible.

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Customized Features

We can also work closely with you and can tailor some of our features as per your needs.

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