video interviewing for recruiters

Why video screening interview is crucial for hr and recruiters

These days the job market has become very competitive and so has the pool of candidates for a job. Candidates who seem to have a good resume don’t necessarily mean that they will have very good soft skills like good communication, good presentation, or interpersonal skills. Calling candidates on the phone and interviewing them for soft skills doesn’t necessarily provide the full picture. Based on my experience, We are coming up with 9 reasons why HR and recruiters should adopt
video interviewing software

1. Make it easier to observe the body language

Body language is critical when you are hiring someone. It tells you how confident a person is and how interested the person is in the job. Sometimes a candidate may not have all the required skills but body language can show you that the person is very interested in the job and have the commitment and dedication. Sometimes a candidate can have all the requirements but the body language can tell you that person is not very interested or may not have the commitment for the job.

2. Tell you a lot about the personality

In most jobs, the personality of a candidate is a very crucial factor so that person can be a good team player and grow. As a recruiter or hiring person, you know what types of personalities can fit into your environment and the best way to understand that is through virtual interviews.

3. Video interviews prevent the proxy interview

When you conduct phone interviews, how would you know the right person is taking the phone calls and answering your questions? We have learned that this happens a lot in technical jobs, where the candidate’s friend who seems to have more experience takes the phone interview and cracks it. It happened personally when I was hiring a Java developer for my company. The video screening will prevent that. Since the person’s video will be recorded, the real person has to submit the video. There can not be any proxy.

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4. Make it easier on your schedule

How many times it has happened that you wanted to talk to a candidate at a certain time and the candidate was not available? Or sometimes the candidate was available but one of your other team members was not available? Sometimes you go back and forth in coming up with the right time. Jobs and candidates move faster in today’s market, if you are not able to interview candidates quickly, you might just lose the candidate. Video interview tools solve this problem.

You can schedule the video interview and the candidate can give the interview at a convenient time. You can set up an expiration date for the interview, typically most recruiters set the expiration time within 24 to 48 hours. Another benefit is that once the candidate has submitted the interview, recruiters and other decision-makers for hiring can view the interviews at their availability.

5. Make it easier to compare candidates

That is another benefit that comes with video screening tools. Generally, they provide the option to rate candidates based on the video response submitted. All hiring decision-makers can view the video response together and then compare them. This is something not possible when you are conducting in-person interviews. Many times it helps the hiring team to learn more about the type of talent available in the market for a given job and adjust the bar. Apart from this resume parsing software also helps in choosing the best candidates based on the parameters set by the recruiters in the initial stage.

6. Reduce your time compared to an in-person interview

If you invite 10 people to come to your office for an in-person interview it will require a lot of time investment from your team. Not only time, but it may also cost you money as well when you bring people into your office for in-person interviews. Conduction video interview helps you overcome these costs and make the decision-making faster. Why should you reimburse candidates to come to your office when you can do that online on a video screening tool?

7. Save the transportation cost for the candidate

Most of the time, job seekers are not very rich. Inviting them to your office may require them to travel to your city or spend money on lodging. It adds an extra burden on candidates to travel. If the person is local then it is not a big issue, but many good candidates may be from out of town. To make it more convenient and less expensive for all the applicants, video interviews are a very good option. Especially in this global economy when we are hiring candidates from different states and sometimes from different countries.

8. Focus your energy on the right candidate

When you screen multiple candidates via a one way video interview software, you can shortlist 2-3 final candidates and focus your time on them. You can conduct technical skill tests, aptitude tests, and in-person interviews.

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9. Provide more value than a phone interview

Overall, video screening interviews provide more value than traditional phone interviews. They provide more insight into candidates’ personalities, body language, and oral skills. Video screening also reduces the time and money associated with phone interviews or in-person interviews. In today’s digital economy, everything is going digital then why not interviews?