DucknOwl, helping the employer and the job seeker for the future

In the last year, the way all business has operated dramatically changed due to the effects of COVID-19. The nation has seen unemployment hit historically high levels due to the reduction and restructuring of business operations. The positive aspect of this current challenge is that at some point, it will end. When that time comes, there will be a need for companies to have efficient systems to identify and hire employees.

DucknOwl has developed a system for streamlining and increasing the efficiency of the employment process. Job seekers can go through a process of screening in their recruitment system that enhances their exposure. This system provides more organized information to the potential employer through multiple different outlets.

These outlets consist of resources like skill assessment, which measures soft skills with pre-recorded video interviews that you can share with your team. Multiple services, in conjunction with each other, make their system more effective than others. Using resume screening with the skill assessment alone can give you a productive edge in finding good employees. They also have audio screening being that we’re in the time of the pandemic. Many interviews are over the phone for people who may not have the capability to record a video. This system is another measure used to screen and select candidates for your job.

This system initially helps to invest time in the right candidate while filtering out irrelevant resumes and creating a candidate inventory. To humanize the hiring process, a hiring manager makes a job listing with weighted keywords, resulting in a ranked list of candidates in seconds. The system even has measures to eliminate unconscious bias by customizing video interview questions for a specific job or position.

DucknOwl has measures that prevent proxy interviews and bait-and-switch situations with identity verification of candidates. All processes follow EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliance and SOC 2 for information security. Also, they are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Meeting these requirements is an additional benefit to matching the right talent to the position.

Conscious or unconscious bias can be a counterproductive contribution to the workforce because you create a situation where you may be avoiding the people who are the best fit for the job reducing potential effectiveness.

The recruitment system is a catalyst to efficiently connecting job seekers with employers at a rate that can accommodate the future demand of the evolving job market for millions of Americans.

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